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We perform the highest level of quality services at fair and market competitive prices.
   Welcome to EMPRO Quality Furniture Repair Services. We are well established furniture repair service and restoration company covering NYC, New York Metro area, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Bronx, New Jersey, Connecticut and more. EMPRO Quality works for most of the major stores, manufacturers, retailers and specializes in on-site repairs. We offer a fast, reliable and professional quality service at very competitive rates for your all home furniture repair needs.
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   We are a strong team of furniture repair specialists with qualified experience and knowledge in variety of specialties. Most of our friendly team members have years of professional experience in wood and leather furniture repair and restoration, contracting, woodworking and have excellent ability to asses, evaluate, repair and complete many tasks with quality and satisfaction.
   We know that any accident can happen! Nail polish remover can be spilt, scratches, rips, dents, chips, scuffs! Also we are aware that furniture will wear over time causing the seat cushions to sag, frames to collapse. Luckily, you do not need to spend your time and money looking for replacement as all these problems can be easily resolved saving further expenses and time.
Request a Service and we will accommodate your appointment within three-hour time frame for whatever day is suitable for you.
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